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Arrow Cast

Arrow ist eine US-amerikanische Actionserie, die auf der DC-Comics-Figur Green Arrow basiert Das Casting begann Anfang Februar mit der Verpflichtung von Stephen Amell für die titelgebende Hauptrolle. Im weiteren Verlauf des. This is the cast of the CW show Arrow, and I traveled as part of their entourage this past weekend at Comic-Con. I followed around Oliver, Laurel, Diggle, Felicity​. Jun 17, - Inspiring images Arrow cast - image # by Bobbym on # Resolution xpx. Find the image to your taste.

Arrow Cast Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler

Die Milliardärsfamilie Queen erleidet auf hoher See einen schlimmen Schiffsbruch, bei dem beinahe alle Insassen sterben - alle, außer dem Sohn und Playboy Oliver Queen. Er strandet auf einer Insel, auf der er die darauffolgenden fünf Jahre. Arrow: Cast & Crew. Darsteller; Regie; Drehbuch; Produktion; Produktionsfirma; Musik; Kamera; Schnitt; Regieassistenz; Ton; Spezialeffekte. Lista dei personaggi che compaiono nella serie televisiva Arrow. Indice. 1 Personaggi Nella quinta stagione il sosia di Laurel da Terra-2, Black Siren, entra nel cast come guest star per poi diventare regular nella sesta stagione. Durante la. Arrow ist eine US-amerikanische Actionserie, die auf der DC-Comics-Figur Green Arrow basiert Das Casting begann Anfang Februar mit der Verpflichtung von Stephen Amell für die titelgebende Hauptrolle. Im weiteren Verlauf des. Arrow Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, Willa Holland u.v.m. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 5 von Arrow: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 1 von Arrow: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren.

Arrow Cast

Arrow: Cast & Crew. Darsteller; Regie; Drehbuch; Produktion; Produktionsfirma; Musik; Kamera; Schnitt; Regieassistenz; Ton; Spezialeffekte. Arrow ist eine US-amerikanische Actionserie, die auf der DC-Comics-Figur Green Arrow basiert Das Casting begann Anfang Februar mit der Verpflichtung von Stephen Amell für die titelgebende Hauptrolle. Im weiteren Verlauf des. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 1 von Arrow: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. This is the cast of the CW show Arrow, and I traveled as part of their entourage this past weekend at Comic-Con. I followed around Oliver, Laurel, Diggle, Felicity​. The latest Tweets from Team Felicity Smoak (@teambabysmoak): "Saudades da minha Felicity e meu Olicity, mas graças a Deus que a série acabou o ranço. The latest Tweets from StarlingCity Journal (@StarlingCityJ). Info, news, pics, videos and everything about #Arrow show, cast and crew. #Olicity forever. Tumblr​. Jun 17, - Inspiring images Arrow cast - image # by Bobbym on # Resolution xpx. Find the image to your taste. David Ramsey John Diggle Episodes Characters Seasons 1 2 3 Episodes. This article may contain Falcon Marvel excessive amount of intricate detail that may interest only a particular audience. Already trained as a soldier, Rene receives additional training from Oliver and becomes a skilled combatant. David Anders Cyrus Vanch 1 Free Spielfilme Der Magier Mit Den Silberschwingen Stream Harkavy Tina Boland 1 Episode Find out. Mark Bunting 1 Episode

Arrow Cast Komplette Besetzung von Arrow

Juni und am Erik S Klein. Februar Connor Hawke 0 Fans. Jedoch wird sie von ihrem Vater Malcolm gerettet. URL consultato il 27 maggio archiviato dall' url originale il 18 maggio Ben Sokolowski. Arrow Cast Arrow Cast

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She also had a brief affair with Malcolm Merlyn after his wife's death, which resulted in Thea's birth. In season one, Moira is involved in "The Undertaking", a criminal conspiracy orchestrated by Malcolm to destroy the Glades, with him forcing Moira to handle all interference and supply him with the resources needed.

Her involvement causes her to keep many secrets from her family which, when revealed, causes Walter to divorce her and her kids to become distant.

Moira eventually confesses her involvement and Malcolm's, which results in her arrest. In season two, Moira is put on trial but she is acquitted as Malcolm returns, alive.

Moira eventually becomes a mayoral candidate against Sebastian Blood on Walter's advice, but the secret of Thea's parentage is revealed, causing a rift between Moira and her children.

It is revealed that she had been aware of Oliver's secret identity as the Arrow since the night of her arrest.

She is murdered by Slade Wilson as part of his revenge plot against Oliver. In season three, Moira's voice is briefly heard when Oliver calls home from Hong Kong.

Oliver is hurt when he finds out, and angry with Moira for the deception. In season five, Moira is seen as a figment of Oliver's Dominators -induced hallucination.

In season seven, Oliver finds out that Moira had discovered that Robert had had an extramarital affair with a woman named Kazumi Adachi , which resulted in the birth of a girl named Emiko , but chose to conceal their existence.

Oliver is further frustrated with Moira because her actions caused the mother and daughter to not be taken care of after his father's death.

In season eight following the formation of Earth-Prime, Moira is alive where she mourns her son's death, but knows that she was killed by Slade in the initial timeline.

At the funeral, she meets Emiko and welcomes her into the family. Earth-2's Moira Queen is revealed to be married to Malcolm Merlyn. Unlike her Earth-1 doppelgänger, she is a responsible mother, embodies the person that Oliver had wished his mother to be.

She is killed when Earth-2 is destroyed by a wave of anti-matter. The character is based on the DC Comics character of the same name. Quentin Larry Lance portrayed by Paul Blackthorne ; main: seasons 1—6; guest: season 7; recurring: season 8 is a deputy mayor, mayor, former police detective and captain, the father of Laurel and Sara Lance, and former husband of Dinah Lance.

In season one, Quentin resents Oliver for causing Sara's death, becoming an alcoholic who throws himself into his work to avoid the pain.

After Oliver returns, he openly shows his hatred of him and also hates the Arrow for being against everything Quentin believes in.

Quentin attempts numerous times to arrest him, one time using Laurel, which causes her to be distant for a time. He works with the Arrow from time to time and eventually comes to accept him.

In season two, Quentin is demoted to officer; an ally to the Arrow, Quentin becomes his informant and occasional field partner on cases.

He struggles to recover from his alcoholism and repair the relationships with his family. After Quentin discovers Sara is alive and the vigilante "Canary", he helps her adjust to life in Starling City.

He helps Laurel cope with her pain over losing Tommy, and seeks to rekindle his relationship with Dinah, but she has moved on after their divorce.

Quentin later regains his detective title. Following a battle with Slade's forces, Quentin passes out from internal bleeding and falls into a coma.

In season three, Quentin is in recovery, with frequent chest pains, and has been promoted to captain ; he uses this authority to disband the anti-vigilante task force.

His condition is strained due to assisting the Arrow in the field, and he relies on his new political connections and his subordinates to continue serving the city.

Although Laurel kept the information from him, he ultimately learns the truth about Sara's death and Laurel becoming her vigilante successor.

Quentin becomes estranged from Laurel and relapses in his alcoholism. In season four, Quentin is forced to work with H.

Oliver discovers this and persuades Lance to become a double agent and report information on Darhk. Darhk gradually becomes suspicious of Quentin, who discovers the source of Darhk's supernatural powers: an ancient artifact.

With this information, Mari McCabe destroys Darhk's idol, leaving him powerless. Quentin publicly admits in court his association with H.

He reconciles with Laurel and reunites with Sara after she is brought back from the dead. Quentin begins seeing Donna Smoak , Felicity's mother.

After Darhk murders Laurel, Quentin seeks to bring her back the same way Sara returned, only to learn from Nyssa al Ghul that the Lazarus Pit was destroyed shortly after Sara's return.

With Donna's support, Quentin copes with his loss without succumbing to alcoholism. By season five, Quentin has broken up with Donna and, now having no one left, returns to Star City and falls back into alcoholism.

With encouragement from Oliver, Quentin begins reforming Star City's police force as deputy mayor, working with the Green Arrow to reduce the city's rising crime rate.

Quentin also formed the Anti-Crime Unit to combat serious crimes prior to his dismissal from the police, and leads them under his new position when needed, though this puts him at odds with his former colleagues.

However, after Evelyn Sharp 's fight with Prometheus, Felicity discovers that the shurikens Prometheus used were made from Oliver's old arrow heads stolen from the police evidence lockup, and Quentin finds cuts on him that implicate him and raise doubts of his sanity.

Quentin eventually learns that Adrian Chase is Prometheus and responsible for attempting to frame him. Thea convinces Quentin to seek help at rehab after realizing how much Laurel's death is affecting him, and holds the position of deputy mayor for when he recovers.

When Dinah expresses her hesitance at accepting Laurel's mantle, Quentin gives Dinah his blessing, saying it is what Laurel would want.

Quentin later encounters the Earth-2 Laurel and is disturbed to see what his own daughter could have potentially become. By the end of season five, Quentin's fate is unknown due to the destruction of Lian Yu caused by Adrian Chase.

At the beginning of season six, it is revealed that Quentin survived the explosion by taking shelter in the plane like the others, but was left emotionally scarred following his encounter with Laurel's doppelgänger.

However, he later shares Oliver's hope for Black Siren of redemption. He later serves as the city's acting mayor following Oliver's impeachment, resulting him at odds with his corrupt subordinates led by crime lord Ricardo Diaz.

This wound got Quentin hospitalized. Despite the surgeons' attempts to save his life, Dr. Elisa Schwartz told Team Arrow that Quentin passed away when his brain was not getting any oxygen.

This left Sara and Black Siren devastated. In season eight, Monitor and Lyla use a mental deja vu on Oliver to prove that he can't save everyone when it comes to the different deaths of Quentin.

After the formation of Earth-Prime following the Crisis, Quentin is alive and operating as mayor. While allowing Rene to succeed him, she does talk to Earth-2's Laurel about how his Laurel couldn't be brought back.

Quentin later presides over Oliver's funeral. He also killed his version of Sara after discovering that she was bisexual which he mentions to Earth-1's Sara.

In an episode of the season four of The Flash , reveals that, like his Earth-1 and Earth-2 doppelgängers, he is the father of Earth-X's version of Laurel who operates as Siren-X.

Felicity Megan Smoak portrayed by Emily Bett Rickards ; main: season 2—7; recurring: season 1; guest: season 8 [11] is an I. Felicity is a MIT graduate with a master's degree in cyber security and computer sciences.

The character originally appeared as a one-episode guest star in season one, later becoming recurring and was promoted to series regular from season two onwards.

The character, also portrayed by Rickards, appears in Arrowverse spin-off shows The Flash , Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl , as well as animated web-series Vixen.

She plays a significant role in the annual Arrowverse crossover events. In season eight, Felicity returns after the Crisis following Oliver's death.

She does meet the future version of her daughter Mia. In a flashforward to , Felicity is rescued from Galaxy One by her children and joins their resistance movement against the company that has hijacked her Archer security program.

After Galaxy One is defeated, Felicity leaves Star City in her children's hands and leaves with the Monitor to a place from which there is no return.

The final episode "Fadeout" revealed that this location is the afterlife as she reunites with Oliver Queen.

An alternate version of Felicity, again portrayed by Rickards, from Earth-X appears in the "Crisis on Earth-X" crossover event, where she is shown to be interned in a concentration camp.

The character is based on the DC Comics character Felicity Smoak , who in the comics is Ronnie Raymond 's step-mother who runs a software company.

Roy William Harper Jr. In season one, Roy is a small-time criminal who falls in love with Thea after robbing her, and is arrested multiple times by Quentin Lance.

He does not see any other way to live until the Arrow saves him from a kidnapping, after which Roy attempts to find the Arrow to help him.

Roy later works as a waiter at Verdant. In season two, Roy often goes out to clean up the streets, until the Arrow convinces him to gather intelligence instead.

After being injected with Mirakuru, Roy gains super strength but slowly loses his sanity. Roy trains with Oliver in order to control his strength, but is forced to break up with Thea.

Slade kidnaps Roy to use his blood to create his army, leaving Roy completely insane and causing him to go on a rampage, killing a cop. Roy takes part in the season finale's battle, with his own mask, but he is slightly amnesiac, not remembering anything after breaking up with Thea.

In season three, Roy is Oliver's partner and participates with him in the field. He takes on the alter-ego "Arsenal", though the media also refers to him as "Red Arrow".

Thea makes Roy her assistant manager at Verdant, and they eventually get back together. Sara's murder brings the repressed memories of his rampage to the surface and Roy supports the family of the police officer he killed.

When Oliver is presumed dead, Roy takes his place as the team's head archer, often teaming with Laurel on missions.

After Quentin Lance resumes his manhunt against Arrow, Roy subsequently impersonates Oliver's alter-ego and fakes his own death, leaving Starling City to assume that Arrow is dead so that Oliver can be free.

Roy passes on his Arsenal suit to Thea after leaving town. In season four, after building a new life in Hub City, Roy returns to his vigilante role after the Calculator extorts him to steal technological components and Thea is out of commission.

In season five, Roy appears as a hologram when Oliver is about to leave the Dominators' simulated dream world.

As he refuses to betray his friend and former mentor, he is tortured by dirty cops and by Diaz himself. He is then rescued by Oliver and Thea, who put back their shared red hood suit for this.

Haynes returns as a regular for season seven. Due to the Ninth Circle being led by Oliver's half-sister Emiko, he feels he could not ask for Thea's help and instead contacts Roy.

Roy reveals that he died battling the Thanatos Guild and was revived by Thea and Nyssa with a Lazarus Pit, which results in bloodlust that leads to him killing two innocent security guards.

After Emiko's plan is thwarted, Harper leaves Star City to atone for killing two innocent people. Harper is also featured in the season's flash-forwards, set in , where William finds him in exile on Lian Yu.

The two follow clues left by Felicity and return to Star City to regroup with local vigilantes against the threat of the Archer program and Galaxy One.

After Galaxy One is defeated, the older vigilantes, Roy included, take the blame for what happened and leave Star City to live as fugitives.

In season eight, Roy is recruited by Diggle in preparation to make a stand against the upcoming "Crisis. In "Fadeout," Roy gets a cybernetic arm and assists in finding a younger William.

Roy later proposes to Thea and she accepts. Slade Wilson portrayed by Manu Bennett ; main: season 2, recurring: season 1; guest: seasons 3, 5—6 is one of the world's deadliest assassins and mercenaries, a former Australian Secret Intelligence Service ASIS operative, and the mentor-turned-archenemy of Oliver Queen.

He is the main antagonist of season two. In season one flashbacks, Slade is a combat mentor to Oliver on Lian Yu and teaches him to fight Edward Fyers and his mercenaries in their attempts to escape the island and stop Fyers' plans.

Though Slade openly doubts Oliver's abilities to survive or fight, often giving him demeaning nicknames, the two become close friends and fight together well.

He also becomes romantically drawn to Shado. In season two flashbacks, he is severely wounded by Dr. Ivo 's mortar attacks and Oliver injects him with Mirakuru, which is the slang word for the Japanese Mirakururururue, a strength-enhancing serum left on the island in World War II by Japan, in order to save his life.

When Shado is killed, Slade blames Oliver for her death and turns on him. In the present, Slade is alive, now operating as the mercenary "Deathstroke", and plots to destroy Starling City with an army of Mirakuru soldiers working with Sebastian Blood and Isabel Rochev.

He undermines Oliver's life by causing him to lose his money and his business, revealing some of Oliver's secrets to Laurel and Thea and killing Moira before unleashing his army on the city.

Oliver defeats him when Felicity injects him with the Mirakuru cure and he is imprisoned in an A. In season three, having been temporarily released by Malcolm Merlyn, Slade attempts to imprison Oliver and Thea in the supermax and return to Starling but the two are able to beat him.

In season five, Deathstroke appears in a hallucination created by the Dominators, where he serves as a countermeasure to prevent Oliver and his friends from escaping.

Bennett did not portray the character in the episode. Bennett would later reprise the role for the final two episodes of the season, appearing in a cameo in "Missing" and appearing as a major character in the finale.

By the time of the season five finale, Slade is revealed to have completely recovered from the effects of the Mirakuru and willingly helps Oliver in his quest to rescue his team and son from Adrian Chase.

Slade's fate is unknown due to Lian Yu's destruction. In season six, Slade, having survived the explosion, returns to Star City to see Oliver and thank him for giving him information about where to find his son.

The character is based on the DC Comics character Deathstroke. During season one, Malcolm plots the Undertaking, the destruction of the Glades using an earthquake device, after his wife Rebecca was murdered there.

When Robert Queen earlier threatened the Undertaking, Malcolm arranged to destroy Robert's ship, Queen's Gambit , resulting in Robert's death and indirectly leading to Oliver and Sara becoming the Arrow and the Canary.

In the main story of season one, he uses Moira to gain access to the resources needed for the Undertaking. He tries to reshape Tommy into a better person by cutting him off which works but causes tensions between them.

When the Arrow interferes with his plan, Malcolm becomes a vigilante called "Dark Archer" to oppose him and proves to be far more skilled.

He suspects Oliver to be the Arrow and is proven right after defeating him a second time. In the season finale, Malcolm is seemingly killed by Oliver though he manages to destroy much of the Glades, inadvertently kills Tommy, and is publicly exposed for his crime by Moira.

In season two, Malcolm returns to suborn the jury in Moira's trial to find her innocent of the Undertaking.

He discovers that he is Thea's biological father, following Adam Donner 's discovery of Malcolm's affair with Moira.

During Slade's attack on the city, Malcolm returns to save Thea from the Mirakuru soldiers and convinces her to leave Starling with him.

In season three, Malcolm is revealed to have trained Thea to be a warrior in Corto Maltese. Despite being both the League's target and a fugitive of the law, Malcolm secretly returns to Starling City, using personal wealth and resources following the loss of his company.

Under an alias, Malcolm purchases the foundry from Queen Consolidated, the site of Thea's nightclub, Verdant. He continues to train Thea until she can defeat him in combat.

Malcolm learns that crime lord Danny Brickwell was responsible for the murder of his wife, but Oliver persuades him to choose justice over vengeance for Thea's sake, allowing Brickwell to be tried for his crimes.

Malcolm leads Team Arrow to save the city until Oliver's return. Despite their renewed animosity, both Malcolm and Oliver harbor deep respect for each other: Malcolm regards Oliver as a surrogate son and Oliver himself remembers the man Malcolm was before the death of his wife.

In season four, Malcolm helps Laurel resurrect Sara in order to settle his family's blood debt with Laurel, and helps Thea control her bloodlust.

However, despite occasionally helping Oliver, Malcolm remains an amoral man and is despised by Oliver's team and their allies.

Malcolm's aid to Oliver is either for protecting Thea or for his own agendas. Malcolm ultimately loses both his left hand and his power after Nyssa wins the League's leadership with Oliver's help, leading Malcolm to align himself with Darhk for revenge against Oliver.

In the process, Malcolm reveals Oliver's secrets to Darhk. As a result, Darhk makes Malcolm a H. In order to protect himself and Thea from Damien's plans, Malcolm steals Damien's idol, working with Andy Diggle, which results in Laurel's death.

Malcolm remains a leader to disbanded remnants of the League, and with them he forms its splinter faction the Thanatos Guild.

Malcolm allies with Team Arrow again when Darhk tries to destroy the world without the means to survive it. In season five, an illusion of Malcolm appears in the Dominators' dream world and opposes Oliver, Thea, John, Ray and Sara when they try to leave, but is swiftly killed by Thea.

Malcolm appears in flashbacks working with Konstantin Kovar, giving him Sarin gas in exchange for the means to acquire information on Unidac Industries to build the earthquake device.

Malcolm returns in the penultimate episode of season five, offering Oliver his assistance in saving his friends, most importantly Thea.

As Captain Boomerang approaches them, Malcolm takes Thea's place, telling the others to run. As they run, the landmine is seen exploding in the distance, killing both Malcolm and Captain Boomerang.

In season seven, despite his death, Malcolm makes appearances on the second and third parts of the Arrowverse crossover " Elseworlds.

The character is based on the DC Comics character Merlyn. Curtis Holt portrayed by Echo Kellum ; main: seasons 5—7; recurring: season 4; guest: season 8 is a technological savant, inventor, and bronze-medal-winning Olympic decathlete, who works with Felicity at Palmer Technologies.

He later learns Oliver's secret identity and helps them defeat Brie Larvan. He then helps Felicity and Noah shut down Rubicon to stop H.

He officially joins the team in season five as part of Oliver's efforts to expand and accept help after Diggle and Thea retired.

While in the field, Curtis adopts a costume similar to his comic counterpart, including his 'Fair Play' jacket and T-shaped mask. He alternates between field work and tech support depending on the crisis, such as helping Felicity devise a means of translating the extraterrestrial technology during the Dominators ' invasion.

In the mid-season finale, " What We Leave Behind ", Curtis is hospitalized after he is shot with a tuberculosis vaccine by Prometheus, aided by the treachery of apparent teammate Evelyn Sharp.

Curtis's husband Paul leaves him after discovering his vigilante activities, and they eventually divorce.

In season six, Curtis has survived the explosion by taking shelter in the plane with the others and is working with the team using his upgraded T spheres and other tech.

It is revealed, that after leaving Palmer Technologies last year, he started an online business, which prompts Felicity to propose partnership with him to form their own company.

In season seven, Curtis works as part of A. He accepts a job in Washington, D. He later returns to take part in the operation to track down Emiko Queen and her biological weapon, before returning to D.

In season eight, Curtis comes back to help the team defeat Grant Wilson. Oliver gives him a special mission to investigate a weapon that could kill a god.

Following the Crisis and the formation of Earth-Prime, Curtis assists in finding a younger William and attends Oliver's funeral. Adrian Chase portrayed by Josh Segarra ; main: season 5; guest: season 6, 8 is Star City's new district attorney in season five who helps Mayor Oliver Queen clean up the streets through the justice system.

He wears a black uniform almost identical to Oliver's first garb. Prometheus has no tolerance for anyone else targeting Green Arrow and kills Tobias Church when the crime lord ignores a warning to leave Green Arrow alone.

Chase was born as Simon Morrison, the illegitimate son of Justin Claybourne, a pharmaceutical owner on the List who was killed during Oliver's first year as The Hood.

However, Simon was never close to his father who realized that Simon is psychopathic and wanted nothing to do with him. Unwilling to accept defeat, Simon kills himself, detonating the bombs throughout the island in an attempt to kill Oliver's loved ones, successfully killing Samantha Clayton.

In season six, Morrison returns as one of Oliver's hallucinations while drugged by Vertigo. We knew we were going to do Vigilante this year, we knew who the character of Prometheus was, we knew that the character of Prometheus was the son of one of Oliver's early kills in season one, we knew that he was going to be someone who was going to indoctrinate himself into Oliver's good graces in the mayor's office and eventually betray him.

One morning Laurel Lance portrayed by Katie Cassidy ; [r] main: 6—8; [t] recurring: season 5 , Following the death of the Earth-1 Laurel Lance in season four, an antagonistic version of the character from Earth-2 named Black Siren also portrayed by Cassidy is introduced.

She eventually redeems herself and returns to Earth-2 as the heroic Black Canary. Like her doppelgänger, she was also romantically involved with the Oliver Queen of her Earth before his death.

Originally appearing on The Flash , the character was promoted to series regular on Arrow from season six onwards. Rene Ramirez portrayed by Rick Gonzalez ; main: season 6—8; recurring: season 5 is a vigilante in Star City whose reckless and cocksure actions prompt the Green Arrow to guide him.

Already trained as a soldier, Rene receives additional training from Oliver and becomes a skilled combatant. Prior to becoming a vigilante, Rene kills a criminal in defense of his family, which led to his wife's death during the altercation; his daughter Zoe was put in a foster care due to the community deeming him unfit as he succumbs to alcohol blackouts.

With Curtis Holt's help, Rene seeks legal actions to get his daughter back. He later becomes Quentin Lance's assistant to help him reform Star City politically and they become friends.

Rene later becomes one of the main characters in season six, having survived the explosions on Lian Yu. He then becomes one of the main members of Team Arrow, and receives improved vigilante attire.

If Rene refuses, he will never see his daughter again. When Rene confesses this to Oliver, Oliver kicks him off the team. But the entire team is soon brought back together, in order to rescue Quentin from Cayden James and Black Siren.

After the team rescues Quentin, Rene is kicked off the team permanently for abandoning his primary mission.

Because of this, Dinah and Curtis leave the team too, no longer trusting Oliver. Oliver later apologizes to the three, but while they accept his apology, they refuse to return to Team Arrow and form a team of their own called New Team Arrow.

Later, when it is revealed that Ricardo Diaz is the true villain of season six after he kills James, Rene is coerced by Diaz into testifying against Oliver at his trial, with Diaz threatening the safety of Rene's daughter in front of him.

After the trial, Oliver is free to go, thanks to Christopher Chance posing as the judge, and finally makes peace with Rene. Later, during the final battle with Diaz and his organization, The Quadrant, Quentin gets shot and eventually dies of his wounds in hospital later that day.

Rene becomes one of the many members of Team Arrow, who mourns Quentin's death. In season eight, Rene assists Oliver for the upcoming Crisis.

He also assists in finding a younger William and attends Oliver's funeral. In a flashforward to , Rene has become the mayor of the Glades. After a timeline change following the Crisis, Rene is the mayor of Star City.

He is defeated by Green Arrow and arrested by the police and is later killed when Earth-2 is destroyed. Dinah Drake portrayed by Juliana Harkavy ; main: season 6—8; recurring: season 5 is a detective, formerly of the Central City Police Department.

She went undercover in a drug ring with the alias "Tina Boland", only for her partner to be murdered after they were both revealed to be cops.

After the particle accelerator explosion, she receives the ability to produce sonic waves with her scream and hunts down the leader of the drug ring to get revenge for her partner's death.

Dinah joined the Star City Police Department after she settled in the city. Harkavy has been promoted to the main cast for season six, her character having survived the explosions on Lian Yu.

Following the battle on Lian Yu, Dinah is upgraded from a detective to police lieutenant. In flashbacks, Dinah was almost killed by Black Siren before being saved by Quentin.

She later finds out that her former partner-lover Vincent Sobel is alive and is the Vigilante. She resumes her relationship with him before he is killed by Black Siren.

She goes on a killing spree, targeting Black Siren and her allies. She is later fired from her job after Oliver fires the corrupt police captain, Kimberly Hill.

Before leaving the desk, she fires Dinah and the rest of the honest cops. She is outed as the Black Canary, when she uses her canary cry to save Mayor Pollard's life.

When Dinah has her throat slit by Stanley Dover , she loses her ability to perform the canary cry. She is eventually given Sara Lance's old tech collar, which enables her to perform the cry again.

In a flashforward to , Dinah is part of a vigilante resistance group called the Canary Network. In season eight, Dinah learns details about her future self after adult versions William Clayton, Mia Smoak, and Connor Hawke arrived from the year Intrigues with her counterpart's actions with the Canary Network with Laurel's future self, she and Laurel are planning to start it decades earlier than expected.

Following the Crisis and the formation of Earth-Prime, Dinah is no longer sporting her throat injury. Following Oliver's funeral, she turns down a promotion and relocates to Metropolis.

Laurel later found her in operating a nightclub where she mentioned that she woke up in the day after Oliver's funeral and that she seems to have been completely erased from existence and that there is no documentation of her or Black Canary.

She is defeated by Green Arrow and arrested by the police and is later killed when Earth-2 is destroyed.

Ricardo Diaz portrayed by Kirk Acevedo ; main: season 7; recurring: season 6 , when he first appears, is a drug lord, who leads a team street criminals and scientists in the development of an experimental steroid used by John Diggle to work around his tremors.

He is later revealed to be the main antagonist of season six, who manipulates events of Oliver Queen and Cayden James' lives behind the scenes, and kills James upon admitting that he orchestrated his son's death and prepares to launch his own scheme upon Star City while getting its judges, politicians and police officers on his payroll.

With help from Samanda Watson and the FBI, the politicians and police officers that are on Diaz's payroll are arrested. Diaz mortally wounds Quentin Lance, but manages to evade capture when he is knocked off a building by Black Siren and lands in water.

Now in hiding from both the federal authorities and Oliver Queen's allies for his machinations, Diaz is vengeful towards Oliver for crippling his criminal empire.

In season seven, Diaz contacts some unnamed inmates inside Slabside Maximum Security Prison to make Oliver's time there miserable, while also targeting his wife Felicity outside of prison.

Having hired new allies, the Longbow Hunters, Diaz gets his hands on a drug, which gives him super super-strength. When Diaz is brought to Slabside Maximum Security Prison, he bribes himself free, takes control of the prison and releases all inmates from their cells in an attempt to get Oliver.

With help from Bronze Tiger, Oliver subdues most of the inmates and finally beats Diaz in his cell. Later, when A. They successfully track down Dante, but during the mission to apprehend him, Diaz uses a defibrillator to short out his implant and exposes the set up to Dante.

This leads to Dante killing the Deputy Director of A. Felicity confronts Diaz and holds him at gunpoint until Diggle knocks him out.

Diaz is sent back to Slabside for going against his deal. While in his solitary cell, an unknown person floods his cell with gasoline from the sprinklers and then lights him on fire.

Emiko Queen portrayed by Sea Shimooka; main: season 7; guest season 8 , also referred to as Emiko Adachi, [26] is Robert Queen's illegitimate daughter and thus Oliver Queen's paternal half-sister.

She is also revealed to be a main antagonist of the season seven arc. When she and her mother are abandoned by Robert Queen, Emiko begins working as a courier for criminal organizations, through which she comes in contact with Dante, a member of the Ninth Circle.

Dante takes Emiko under his wing and starts training her, but she still holds out hope for being able to reconnect with the Queens.

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